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Stemless Wine glasses – Perfect gifts

8 Aug

Suga Bee Gifts



Rockabilly Holiday Dreses

1 Oct


Great low Priced Rockabilly dresses!


Rockabilly Retro Fashion Designs ..contest entries

31 Oct

These are my newest Retro/ Roackabilly designs entered into chicstar.com online fashion design contest. Swing by and cast your vote for your fav designs or enter your very own for a chance at a free proto and 1000.00. Visit chicstar.com


Black Rockabilly skirt


Black Rockabilly skirt

Rockabilly Dress


rockabilly skirt


 Rockabilly skirt


Rockabilly dress


Retro  Swing Dress


Retro  Swing Dress


Retro  Swing Dress


Online Fashion Design Contest, $1000.00

31 Oct

Chic Star - collaborative collections

Many people have been asking me about the design contest that I enter my designs in, so I decided to create this blog page about it.

The basic 411 is, chicstar.com has several contest to enter. 1. Design contest  2. Alter contest  3. Photo of the week contest and  4. Material pattern contest.

Design contest

Once you submit your design, it goes up with all the other designers for 2 weeks of voting. Registered users that have been verified through paypal can vote only once per design. Once the two weeks are over, you will see your designs final score.

Chicstar picks 6 to 7 designs every two weeks, they call these designs “accepted”. When a design is accepted this means a prototype will be made of this design. When the proto is complete, it goes up for auction on chicstars website. If the design gets good bids and finishes with a good final price, chicstar usually places it into production. Placed in production means you get 1000.00 for copyright of your design and then they sell the design on their website. If the design is not placed in production then you have two choices, either get the proto or you can take a 50 credit. More info

Chicstar usually chooses 1 to 2 winning designs per month for production.

Alter Contest

When a design is not made into production, it may have a second chance by allowing other designers or yourself to make minor alters to the design and be placed back into the voting process. When submitting your original design, there is a check box that gives permission for alters. You do not have to allow alters, it is totally up to you. The process works basically the same as the Design contest, except the monies received for production is split with the person that alters the design and the original designer.

Chicstar also offers a chance at altering their own designs. Designs that were sold on their site by them and not submitted by any one designer.

Material Print Contest

You can submit a pattern/print for fabric. If a designer uses your fabric for a design and it is made for production, you get 100.00. There is a pattern circle that needs to be used, so make sure you download that BEFORE you make your pattern. Also the patterns have to be seamless. More info

Photo Contest

If you have purchased any item on the chicstar website, take a photo and submit it for a chance at 100.00. Just submitting gets you 10 for every pic that is submitted. You can submit a max of 5 pics. A photo is chosen every week. The photo will be featured on chicstar.com homepage.

Simple and easy Halloween Decorations

23 Oct
Supply List
1- rubber snakes
2- gloss black spray paint
3- styrofoam board
4- hot glue
5- doormat
Spray rubber snakes with gloss paint
Cut rubber snakes into various size halves
Hot glue halves to the sides of styrofoam board
Place doormat over styrofoam board
Googlie Halloween eyes
Use styrofoam balls of various sizes
Connect the two eyes with toothpicks
Use black marker to draw the eyes
Place them any place you choose
Just remember, they really pop against darker backdrops


Credit : Better Homes and Gardens


Halloween Itsy Bitsy Spider DIY

21 Oct



Materials you will need                                                                                      
1 pack of black tissue paper (I used 8 to 10 sheets depending on the size you would like)                                                                                                         
1 sheet of Black Cardstock
1 sheet of White Cardstock
1 Pipe cleaner or Floral Wire
Some orange ribbon for a hair bow if your making a girl spider
Fishing line or Ribbon to hang your spider from
Your going to start by making a basic tissue pom. I stack 8-10 sheet of tissue paper and then start making 1 inch to 1.5 inch accordion folds back and forth until you have reached the end of your stack.


Next I like to trim off one of the ends to get my desired length for my tissue pom. The piece you trim off will also be used for making spider legs.
I like mine to be about 17 inches long for a large spider. After you trim off the excess place it to the side to be used later.


Then using your pipe cleaner or floral wire secure it around the middle of your stack . At this point I like to attach my fishing line or ribbon for hanging. You can attach it under the pipe cleaner or wire or simply make a loop when your twisting your pipe cleaner or floral wire to feed it through.


The next step is to cut your edges into either a point or a rounded edge. I prefer a point for a spider.


Now your ready to fluff! Flip your tissue stack onto its side and fan it out a bit.  Hold it in the middle with one hand and gently begin to pull apart each layer. I like to pull half of the sheets from the top and then switch and pull the other half towards the bottom. If it rips a little don’t panic! You can usually trim it off or just hide that piece when you fluff it.


After all of your layers are separated fluff it a bit to give it a nice even full shape.
So now you have your spider body it’s time to bring it to life..mawww haaaa haaaa!
Using the excess tissue paper that you set aside earlier determine how thick you would like your legs. I did about 1 inch. Trim that stack to your desired width. You will already have it folded into an accordion fold because you trimmed it off of your tissue stack after it was folded. I like a smaller fold on the legs so I unfold the stack and lay it out on the table and repeat the steps to making an accordion fold but this time I do it at about 1/2 inch. This is totally up to your taste so play around a bit and make it how you think you would like it the best. After you fold it again you now have 8 layers of tissue that will become your 8 spider legs.
Using a circle cutter and your black cardstock punch out 8 circle feet. If you don’t have a circle cutter trace something circular and using scissors cut out your circles or try a different shape…again it’s totally up to your creativity! While you have your circle cutter out go ahead and cut 2 circles out of your white card stock for the eyes and then 2 smaller black circles for the pupils of the eyes.


Separate each tissue layer and using a glue stick attach your circle feet to the bottom of one of your legs. Also glue your pupils onto your white eye’s. Have fun with the placement of your pupils…moving the pupils around will really change the personality of your spider!


Once all of your legs are ready begin gluing them onto your tissue pom. I like to attach them around the middle of the tissue layers. I did an 8 layer spider so I placed my legs in the middle with 4 tissue layers above the legs and 4 below the legs.


Now using your glue stick again attach your eyes. I attach mine on the second layer of tissue so that she looks a little furry around the top of her eyes.


Now if your making a Spiderella (girl) add a cute little orange bow to her hair.

Ta-da!!! You did it!! Easy cheap and soooo cute! These look adorable hanging outside because the wind will blow it gently and their little legs dance around…lol. Really cute!

Content from The Party Baker

Halloween Glitter Slime Monsters DIY

21 Oct

                                                                Halloween Glitter Slime Monsters by the36thavenue.com

Before we start playing with the slime wash some baby food jars
{ we use the two smallest sizes }
and spray paint the lids.
While they dry make the Glitter Slime.
Slime recipe
1 Elmer’s Glitter Glue
1 Cup Water
1 tsp. Borax
1 Tb Water
Mix 1 tsp. Borax and 1 Cup water together.
You can find the Borax at your local stores in the Laundry section.
empty the Glitter Glue into a bowl
Add 1 TB. Water to the glue and mix it together.
This will help the glue to become a little more flexible.
Add 1 TB. Water to the glue and mix it together.
This will help the glue to become a little more flexible.
Right away you will see how the Glitter Slime will start to form.
Don’t leave the slime in the water mixture too long since it will make the slime too hard.
TIP: Don’t throw the extra Borax mixture yet.
If the slime gets too slimy you can put it back inside and it will harden some more.
After the Glitter Slime is done and the jars are full
it is time to decorate them and transform them into monsters.
The first thing we added were the eyes.
Dress the Glitter Slime Monsters up!
We used vinyl to make their hair, mouth and mustache.
You don’t need a vinyl machine for this step, plain scissors will do the job!
We even made some arms for the Little Blue Guy.
Put the lids back on, a little ribbon here, a fake spider and a cupcake liner there,
and here they are the coolest little guys EVER!
…And of course every boy needs a girl.

Halloween Makeup Ideas – Part 2

21 Oct














Halloween Makeup Ideas PART 1

20 Oct
easy cat Halloween makeup style for girls


Rockabilly Dress Design entered into chicstar.com online Design contest

19 Oct

Rockabilly Dress Design entered into chicstar.com online Design contest

Rockabilly Dress

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